It hurts :((
  • こころがいたいん、だからたつけてこれ。
  • --> 心(kokoro)がいたいんだよ。だから、助(tasu)けてくれ.

    Please consult a physician immediately.
  • hahaha... じょうだんだょね。とにかく、漢字のジェネレーターがありますからたのしています!:)
  • そっちも冗談のつもりで言ったなら…そうなるかな。漢字のジェネレーターというより「日本語入力(システム)」は解かりやすいと思うんですけど :)
  • すごいな、あなたの日本語は。じゃ、教えてこれね。お願いします!あなたのJLPTは何ですか。
  • But seriously my hurt aches right now. My girlfriend will soon go to Japan, and I will be left here alone. I wanted to migrate there but with no japanese bloodline. It seems impossible, though I won't lose hope. So if you guys have any idea on how will I make it there legally even without Japanese blood. I'm willing to listen for an advice. ありがとうね。
  • Hello, I'm a foreigner and now living in Japan. Here is my advice:
    ・First, learn Japanese, or learn something that allow you to find a job here in Japan. If you know IT then it's quite easy.
    ・Second, apply for 3 months vacation visa. This is easy and not require bloodline.
    ・Third, come to Japan. Try your best to find a job here in your 3 months (not part-time or night job). Once you are hired by a company, you can change your visa to work, and... your hope come true.
  • So I pretty need to have cash to do that. The problem is I don't kind of have that much. Anyways, thanks for the very good advice. I'll be counting on to that. Yet, I thought that Japan won't give you jobs if they will noticed that your visa is that of just a vacation visa? Please tell me if this still works til now, and please provide me an approximate of the money that I at least need for this technique to work. One more, how much do I need to know about IT? I'm quite so sure that I'am a computer literate, I've spend more than half of my 22 yrs here on Earth facing the computer, but I have no degree in IT. Will that be okay? Please help! Thanks!
  • - First, about visa. It depends on the company. If they like you, or they need you, there will be no problem, because there are no rule about not accepting vacation visa.

    - Second, about money. Luckily yen is quite cheap at this time, but the price in Japan does not change (I love that). One month here you will need to have about 1000 USD, to rent a room and pay for your living. So, ~3000USD for 3 months.

    - About IT, do you know about programing? Can you build a website, software, or something like that? If not, then what are you good at? You know, if you do not want to waste your money, you need to be good at something, something that make you different with other Japanese, because many Japanese are also unemployed at the moment.

    And one more thing, learn Japanese hard. It's difficult to find a job if you can not speak Japanese.

    If you have any other question, I'm glad to help :)
  • I'm good at data entry jobs, I have a very good typing skills. Can type about a hundred words per 1 minute. uuhhmm.. I'm good at understanding things, learns a lot faster than an average individual, I'm hardworking as well. Actually, I'am a registered nurse, but its kind of difficult to enter there as a nurse because they require female nurses and needs to pass JLPT level 2, that will burn a lot of money though. Thank you so much for the approximates, at least I now have some ideas of what I should have. So I pretty need some 3k USD, anyways how much is the fare going to Japan back and forth? So its 3k USD + fare roundtrip right? How about dirty jobs? I've heard that dirty jobs are the most paid jobs in Japan. I can do that, no! I mean I will do that just to be able to go there. I'm sort of young (22 yrs old) so I guess it wouldn't be that difficult to find a job there right? ありがとう御座います!ほんとに。:)
  • There is no law saying you can only have female nurses in Japan. There is a scheme for nurses from the Philippines:
    (see the pdf)

    But in order to pass the exam and be able to stay in Japan as a nurse you will need a lot better than JLPT N2 - because you would have to learn a lot of medical jargon etc and be able to understand patients and coworkers. It seems like you would be eligible for this scheme but not many people have managed to pass the test at the end, mostly because of the language problem. This is still probably your best bet.

    You can go on a tourist visa and then try and find a job which will sponsor you to get a work visa. You cannot work on a tourist visa (legally). The dirty jobs you are thinking are "3K" I guess - they are often done by immigrants with a descendant (nikkeijin) visa, a random person cannot just get a visa. You do not want to get caught overstaying or working without a legal visa as they can ban you from coming back into the country for several years.

    I think you are underestimating how difficult it would be to find a job that you were both eligible for (the company wants to hire you) and eligible to get a visa for (the company can legally hire you).
  • This is what I have been told anyways, Its really difficult to have sponsors there. Because as what I have heard, it is as well very expensive and difficult for the company to provide me sponsors to start with. So its a matter of "I should be very very good and genius in work" for them to take the difficulties in sponsoring me, isn't it? Actually, I'am very much willing to learn more japanese. I mean it is as well my dream to learn the language, and my instructor told me that I really do have the potential of attaining it. The only problem that I have is the lack of info on what should I do at the meantime. So thanks for the replies, it really helps. ありがとう御座います!
  • Where are you from? One more opinion is, you find a Japanese company in your country which always hire and send employee to Japan for working. I went to Japan by this way :)
  • From what I observed, Japanese IT companies like to send their employees to Japan for short or long term work or training. If you are in the IT industry (programmer, QA analyst, etc), you might want to get jobs at companies like Fujitsu.

    But since you are a nurse, try TESDA. They have Japanese language courses and they might also help with your training for Japan.
  • @baskerville I don't understand our country, I have been sort of scolded from other forum sites because I didn't bother reading those links that they give me (ways for nurses to go to Japan), but I'am quite so sure that I was told by many, and those agencies itself that they seldom took nurses from phils to Japan (which is by far I was thinking that our Phillippines won't enroll male candidates because they might think that Japan will not much take male nurses and our country will consider it via not training male nurses to save scholarship fees.. I'm not so sure but this is how I think of it. As of with IT, would Japan hire anyone without educational background for IT? or will they consider someone who is literate enough to do the job even without a degree. @bayoneda There are lots I guess, but we don't have it in my city of origin I believe, but will take this into considerations. みんなさん、ありがとうございます!
  • Basically a Japanese company do less concern about your knowledge, they concern more about your characteristics. They always want employee to work with them for a very long time. You only need to know the basic, then they will train you to work for them for a long term.
  • That is something that I really do have. I’m really hardworking, can work anytime of the day. So I guess it gives me some few steps nearing to my goal, Thank you so much. I'll take this as an encouragement.. hehehe. xD

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