Sentence (kinda) mistakes
  • There seems to be a slightly more than rare occurence of sentence mistranslations in Denshi Jisho example sentences. I don't know who does the translations and maybe I'm just being pedantic but for example, shouldn't this sentence
    わざわざ電話をかけてくださらなくてけっこうです。 (translated as: Don't bother to call me. ) be something more along the lines of "You don't have to go out of your way to call me." ?? I'd really like to know how we might contribute minor corrections along these lines to the jisho.
    Roughly 160,000 bilingual example sentences compiled by Professor Yasuhito Tanaka and heavily edited by Jim Breen and Paul Blay and later further edited by contributors to the Tatoeba project.

    So you could edit it here:

    And yes, I think your translation is more appropriate.

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