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  • Please could someone help with with 2 kanji translations? From here: http://jyj3.net/2013/04/15/pictrans-130415-letter-from-jyj-yepseoul/

    The Kanji I'm having trouble understanding are 支え and 向いて.

    The third line uses 支え which the trans below says means "send". But when I searched Denshi Jisho it said the kanji mean to support. Is this a more accurate translation of that word?

    Also, they use the kanji 向いて which DJisho translated to "to be suited to" whereas the translation on the page talks about moving foward.

    I can read all the other kanji in the 2nd and 3rd lines, just not these two. Any reply would be greatly appreciated as Im quite confused about these kanji. Thank you ;)
  • You're problem seems to be with vocabulary, not kanji, you recognized them correctly.

    I don't think that translation there is particularly good, but at any rate, please be aware that translation means more than translating each and every word as literally as possible. The overall meaning should be conserved.

    "Sending us your love, we’ve continued to walk on forward.", this somewhat implies that (the act of sending) love supports them, which is what the Japanese literally says.

    前を向いて歩き続けて来れました literally says, "turn forward [metaphorically, face the future, think positively, etc.], and be able not to stop (ie continue) walking (forward) [also metaphorically]". So their translation here is not so bad.

  • Thank you!! :)

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