Need help translating some words!
  • Yeah, I was addicted in manga 'Accel World' and trying to translate into my own language. (Which is not English)
    I found a word 'kitteta' in my romaji which looks weird.
    Is it a real word?

    BTW, that line says,
    "Always same kitteta Haya sugiru day and night."

    Thanks in advance :D
  • The line you gave is from the opening song "Burst The Gravity" of the anime adaption. The original line is
    「Always 醒めきってた 速すぎる Day and night」
    or in romaji,
    "always samekitteta hayasugiru day and night"

    kitteta belongs to same, which is 醒める, not the English word "same".

    (English) translation:

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