Kanji generator please
  • かんじのゲネレイターね、おねがいします!
  • What do you mean exactly by Kanji Generator?
  • My keyboard is US, and I can't convert text into Japanese.. I've found hiragana and katakana, but I can't seem to find a converter for Kanji.. たつけてこれね。おねがいします! (T.T)
  • If you're using windows, look here www.yesjapan.com/install_japanese/ or goggle "windows japanese ime" for more info.
    If you're using Linux, I prefer anki via uim.
    If you're using MAC OS, it's got a built-in IME, www.yesjapan.com/install_japanese/mac_osx/

    IME=Input Method Engine/Editor
  • uhmm. I kind of don't want to change my whole OS text into Japanese because I wasn't that good just yet. All I want are those Japanese words that I want to write into kanji, is there any online converter? If there's none, then maybe I should consider trying that one. Arigatou!
  • You don't change your OS to Japanese, you simply add an input method. Eg in windows you'll get a small bar (default bottom right) where you can choose which language you want to use.

    www.yesjapan.com/images/Japanese-Windows7-013.jpg It looks like this.

    You can skip 5 in this guide
    www.yesjapan.com/install_japanese/ , which is about setting the default language/encoding for non-unicode programs, but it still would give you a Japanese windows. In fact, if you want to a Japanese windows, you may have to pay extra it if it is not already included in your license.
  • I've tried it, its good but I still need to memorize the way it is commanded into my keyboards. Thanks a lot though! むずかしい

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