İ need an exact English to Japanese translation for a tattoo.
  • Hi all. I want to get a tattoo written in Japanese. İ tried google translate and yahoo answers but i really want to be sure. İ want to get the japanese translation of 'The wind is lost' or 'The lost wind'. It has a special meaning. Can anyone help me with this?
  • what do you mean by lost? if you mean lost, as in a lost in the jungle, you can use 迷い風
    it has the same usage with 迷い子 which means a lost child. if you mean lost as in vanish, you can have 失った風.
  • Yes I mean lost as in vanished. Thanks a lot. So I should go with 失った風 then?
  • yeah. but for tattoo, I think it would look nice to lose the った so it would be just
    失風。it would be read as shiffuu and its not a japanese word. There is no such thing as lost wind anyway right?
  • Although, it could make people think you didn't know how to spell 疾風.
  • I would say "消えた風" (vanished wind), but @Numbazard is right, it would probably better to lose hiragana for tattoo. But, please don't go with "失風" as it doesn't make any sense and it would make your tattoo look rather foolish if Japanese people saw it.

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