Is this correct ? ( English to Japanese translation )
  • I was doing this exercise ( mostly about verbs ) where you need to translate these certain sentences from English to Japanese, and got stuck with this:

    "She always eats too much" = "Kanojo wa itsumo tabesugimasu"

    Is this correct, or do I need to put some particle after "itsumo" ? Tho I can't think any.. And I know it's the simplest thing but .!
  • sounds good to me!
  • Great !

    So how about this one: "I'm propably going to the store" = "Watashi wa mise o iku deshou"
  • 私は(お)店 に 行くでしょう
    Watashi wa (o)mise ni iku deshou.

    Use "ni" instead of "o" in front of "iku".
  • except with the correction of miwa, it sounds fine. but im not sure if you want to say that in real life though. sounds too bookish. you`ll probably say : watashi wa omise ni iku kamo shiranai.
  • わたしわみせへいくでしょ。だよ?にほんっごがあまりわかりませんから、おしえてこれね?
  • +1 @Numbazard w/ 1 correction: kamo shirenai

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