Art student needs a translator for a Zelda project
  • Hi, My name is Kat Smith, I'm a UK animation student and I'm planning on making some animations depicting the various legends from the "Link, Legend of Zelda" Games. The current project I'm working on is the tale of the three godesses (
    I want to do these animation in the style of the "Legend of Zelda; Wind Waker" intro
    unfortunatly the text used in the game called Hylian doesn't translate into english, it translates into japanese.
    Here is the translation sheet iI'l be using but Im guessing I need to know Japanese Katakana? (I have little to no japanese knowledge so please forgive me).
    Im going to need someone who can translate some simple sentences into japanese katakana so I can make the Hylian text for the animation. I would credit the translator in the end credits and be very gratefull if someone could help me out.
    I'll check back here but if you felt like emailing you can contact me a :)
  • Considering your likely target audience is not likely to understand Japanese, have you read this ?
  • Yes that new hylian, i could do that but i chose old hylian because its used in the trailer whereas new hylian is used in a different timeline. its really about keeping a theme but thank you for the suggestion :)
  • Kat, are you still looking for someone to help you with this project? If so, I might be able to assist you. Let me know in this forum, and if you're still in need, I'll email you.

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