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  • I came across the word 細工, さいく, and while searching for it I assumed the 工 was pronounced こう, rather than く, so it took me a bit to find the word, and I decided I wanted to look up all the words in which 工 was pronounced く. Is there a way to do this? I had hoped just having both 工 and く in the search bar would only turn up words that had both that kanji and that kana in the entry, with some superfluous words in which the く was the reading for a different character, but which would still have 工 in each entry. Instead it turned up any word that had either 工 or く, so there were pages of pages of words that had く but not 工. I then did a kanji search for 工 and clicked on the underlined く reading, but this just mimicked the search I already did. So, as far as I can tell, there is no way to search for a kanji with a particular reading (excluding all other readings for that kanji). Would it be possible to make this a search function? It would be really helpful in learning kanji that have multiple onyomi.
  • Not an answer for jisho, but I do this by looking up the kanji entry in 大辞泉 (on sites like, the "kanji" entries as opposed to the entry for 工 as a word by itself will be marked 漢字項目). It won't give every possible word but it will give some examples.

    e.g. this is a subset of the entry for 工:

    1 巧みなわざ。「工夫(くふう)・工面/細工」

    2 職人。「石工(いしく)・大工」
  • Currently this is not possible, but it's coming in the next version. Stay tuned!
  • So what's the current status of 2.0 and what are some of the main new features? AFAIK, it's been under development for a few years. No hurry, though. Take your time. :)
  • Hehe, it has been a few years now :)

    A few of the improvements in the new Jisho:

    - JMdict data instead of EDICT (more structure to the data)
    - More data source
    - Much improved sorting
    - Tag search
    - AND search (like above)
    - Grammar help

    There's a few other big new features, but I'll keep those secret for now ;)

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