• Hello
    I'm new here.
    I've started to learn Japanese many years ago, but studying all my own, so I still have a lot of doubts and I'm not good at all in grammar. Grammar is always my problem, in every language I try to learn, because, just as mathematic, there's need a certain kind of 'logic' that my brain don't use.
    I'm artistic person , and everything have to do with mathematic is a problem for me.

    I hope to understand more about grammar rules, through my translations that I have to do everyday!

    Thanks a lot for the help in advance!
  • いいだよ、まいにちはにほんごのべんきょうをべんきょうしてくださいね。それだけだ。\(^ ^)/
  • I'm Japanese and I don't understand grammar in so many instances... Please post any question in this forum, and someone will definitely help you out:) がんばってね!
  • みわちゃんすごい!あなたはほんとにみわですか?ええええ。。。。

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