Genki I Spelling
  • I started learning Japanese using the NamaSensei. I have now started using the Genki I textbook, and I have noticed that they have apparently atrocious and misleading spelling... For example, they spell Sensei as Sensee, and Kyoushi as kyooshi in Romaji. Are they wrong or am I wrong? When they write the word in Hiragana they seem to spell it right... Is this a pronunciation thing?
  • The only "correct" spelling is with kana or kanji. There is not the right way to write Japanese using romaji (our alphabet). There are several systems such as the , but the textbook authors may choose to transcribe Japanese how they see fit. In this case, 教師, while it is written with the kana きょうし, it is pronounced like きょおし, so they spell it as kyooshi to make easier for you. But at any rate, you should get away from romaji ASAP.
    Other commonly used variant for certain kana spellings include

    ちゃ cha tya chya
    し shi si schi
    ざ za sa(for Germans)
    おう ou oo o Ō
    こんにち konnichi kon'nichi konnniti coNnichi ...
  • Thank you.

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