Can someone translate this in english please?
  • 外人さんは何をみーとぅーっつっんだろ(--;)

    i've already translated it with internet translators like google etc.
    It would be good if someone could translate it who is fluent in Japanese.
    Thanks! :-)
  • Oh! And i forgot... i also want to know what this means: 割りとそのままなのね。
    THANKS! :-)
  • 外人さんは何をみーとぅーっつっんだろ---> i wonder what`s that foreigner is looking for?
    (its really a very informal japanese so "is looking for" might be incorrect

    割りとそのままなのね---> its relatively as it is.(i did not expect it)
  • 外人さんは何をみーとぅーっつっんだろ
    ---> what is that foreigner saying "me too" for?
    みーとぅー = me too
    っつんだろ = 言ってるんだろ somehow colloquially becomes shortened to っつんだろ, which this writer writes っつっんだろ. I'm sorry I can't explain it better...>_<

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