Help with the translation of two words
  • Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me, I need help confirming the translation of two words. I've used various online translators and have some differing results. I think the last one is correct as it appears most often, but thought it would be best to double check with a real person (I apologise if any of them make no sense at all, I know zero Japanese). It is for the title of a piece of artwork, in English it is 'King Wasp'. Many thanks for any help in advance. Here are my findings:
  • 蜂王
  • i think 蜂の王様 is a better translation
  • 蜂王 is better
  • I agree with @Numbazard. 蜂の王様 or 蜂の王. #1 & 3 just don't look right. #2 has an old form (I think) of kanji 蜂.

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