Search Kanji by "taught in grade" ?
  • Hello

    I'm using JA Sensei on my Android to learn Kanji - the order is "by grade" then groups.

    As I don't have many example words in JA Sensei, I use it with this denshi jisho. I noticed here is also states in which grade the Kanji is taught. Now I want to learn the Kanji here because I got many more words here.

    But I'd like to search all Kanji taught in Grade 1, 2, 3 etc.

    Is that possible? Or can anyone recommend me a very good website to learn Kanji by a good order? Mobile or non-mobile website is fine.

    Arigatou ne! - Sorry no japanese keyboard installed on the office computer :(
  • You can find a list of the kanji taught in different grades here:ōiku_kanji
  • Cool - thanks for the link.

    But it stills forces me to cross-check with jisho to get more of the Kanjis - and I don't like seeing Romaji - I'm only ranting, sorry.

    Shouldn't there be a feature for that I can list all Kanji taught in grade X ? As there is already the information which grade its taught in, a search function should be no problem, right?

    I can still use the Wikipedia Entry and make me a bookmark list though. Is the long way, but a good solution.
  • Do you mean something like this, with links to jisho? (try again later if link wont work)
  • Wow Blutorange, awesome link!!!

    Thank You so much for this.

    I was thinking about a collection of those Kanji on - but this comes very close to this.

    Danke nochmal ;)

    How did You get that? ;p
  • I just took the kanji dictionary file and wrote a simple lua script to generate these pages:

    Just added some simple frames to make navigation easier. Here it is. (You can adjust the frame size to fit your needs) These files are hosted on a raspberry pi server at home, so there may be downtimes. Just download this archive , extract the files somewhere to your PC and open the index.html page.

    Edit: Mein Name ist nicht nur zufaellig ein deutsches Wort ; )
  • Wollte den Thread international lassen damit vllt. andere das auch sehen und verstehen ^^

    Thanks so much for this, really awesome.

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