Japanese translation/correction help please?
  • Hi,
    Im trying to translate this, but it does not sound good, can you help me please?

    SONG n.4

    The feeling of the work is - It's necessary such song to become one with everyone at the last of a live! The thema is the loneliness and fate in a poetic song.The image is inside/within the town in a crowd of people, to resound in one's mind this song within an explosion . ??

    Song 6

    Song 7

    Even if was a song performed from/since the times of early days's live shows,was a production that was transformed the sound source.
    As for/like/the same FATE, is a work with feelings like 'I want to become one with everyone!" the message is to break the disorder with everyone withing /inside love.

    Song 8

    The best highly exciting/(boiling point) song in the album.
    The thema is crazy love/(madness of love), distorted love.
    I would like to scream "L-o-o-k-a-t-m-e-!!" to everyone during live shows by all means .
    La migliore canzone altamente emozionate (il punto supremo) dell'album.??

    Thanks in advance for help!
  • No one can help? Is done, I just need someone correct it...
  • dont seems a forum that helps with japanese..
  • This is mainly a forum for learning Japanese, or short translations. If you post lots of text, and if you're lucky somebody might just be willing to spend his time translating it, but please don't complain if not.

    You may find someone willing to translate for you here japanologic.com

    posted by Kim


    This forum is for users of Denshi Jisho to help each other with the Japanese language. Since the dictionary can only answer questions on vocabulary, and occationally the odd grammar pattern, I thought that this would be a good addition to the site.

    My hope is for all the users to help each other out. Currently, as of January 2008, Denshi Jisho has between 2000 to 3000 unique visitors per day, and I'm sure that this includes speakers of all levels of Japanese. So the likelihood of someone knowing the answer to your question is hopefully high.

    I also want this to be a place where the users of Denshi Jisho can get to know each other and socialize.

    Create an account and join in!
  • Thanks for answer... I think my sentences are briefs, it seems long because I added also my translations. if I should put everything in lines, it would be:


    Song 6制作当時の深層心理を形にすべく制作。楽曲から精神を呼び起こされるイメージ。音楽的にはピアノやスクラッチ、イントロのエモな部分も間奏のシャウトも僕の好みを全て投影させた楽曲。

    Song 7初期のライブの頃から演奏されている楽曲だけど音源化されていなかった作品。FATE同様、ライブでみんなと一つになりたい!という想いで制作。愛の中みんなで乱れて壊れてしまえというメッセージ。
    Song 8アルバムの中で一番沸点の高い曲。狂気の愛、歪んだ愛、がテーマ。

    I don't know, but I dont think this is ask too much, for each songs are just 2 lines.. are brief concepts...

    The fact is that since is learning forum, maybe people are still not confident or quickly enough to translate this... because, I'm not english, but I help a lots of people in my native language, when they ask help, to translate english into my language... and I dont have problems at all doing that since I know english enough, especially when it's time to translate it in my own language, I even do less mistakes than when I type in english...

    I mean if this Japanese text was written (the same number of lines) in english and someone ask me to translate in Italian, I could translated it in less then 5 minutes without any problems. So, maybe it's because there's no really confidence in Japanese that it's so hard to translate in english... so I can't blame it , it's normal, since Japanese is very hard compared to learning english for example.

    Thanks by the way.. I'll try to correct myself, but I think i will never understand where I did mistakes, since I dont know how to translate this...

  • Thanks for the link japanologic.com.
    I hope someone need some japanese text to training their own skills to translate Japanese! I hope will be useful for both parts.

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