Japanese help to correct my translation please? (Only native or students)

  • Hi,
    Im trying to translate this, but it does not sound good, can you help me please?

    SONG n.4

    The feeling of the work is - It's necessary such song to become one with everyone at the last of a live! The thema is the loneliness and fate in a poetic song.The image is inside/within the town in a crowd of people, to resound in one's mind this song within an explosion . ??

    Song 6

    Song 7

    Even if was a song performed from/since the times of early days's live shows,was a production that was transformed the sound source.
    As for/like/the same FATE, is a work with feelings like 'I want to become one with everyone!" the message is to break the disorder with everyone withing /inside love.

    Song 8

    The best highly exciting/(boiling point) song in the album.
    The thema is crazy love/(madness of love), distorted love.
    I would like to scream "L-o-o-k-a-t-m-e-!!" to everyone during live shows by all means .
    La migliore canzone altamente emozionate (il punto supremo) dell'album.??

    Thanks in advance for help!

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