GATTSU de, gattsun gattsun da!
  • I've been seeing this sentence a lot recently, but I couldn't find an exact translation of it... In one of my searches, it was translated as "Fight gutsily with your guts!" but I'd like to know if there is a better translation, especially for "gattsun gattsun"
  • gattsu comes from the english word guts.
    gattsu de = do it with (a lot of) guts.
    gattsun gattsun da! = Have (a lot of) guts. (usually used to encourage someone)
  • So is "gattsun to " also like "gattsun de"?
  • I dont think I ever heard the word gattsun to. its root word is gattsu which means guts. gattsun da takes the form of word+ no desu/ or word+ n da. so if you say gattsun, da or desu always follow.
  • がっつんと・ガツン (gattsun/gatsun) is a sound effect word, something like "bang".

    The original may be a pun on the similarity of the words "gattsu" vs "gattsun". "gattsun" could be the sound of someone getting hit, which may be why the translation you found uses "fight".

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