Is this correct? EASY SENTENCE!
  • 赤と青のマントのファイアくんと水くん

    Which one sounds like the best one?
    I wanted it to say "Red and Blue Cloak, Fire-kun and Mizu-kun".

    Or does it have to be 赤いと青い?
    I read online that the Japanese legend calls them Aka and Ao Manto... not Akai and Aoi Manto.
  • I would say 赤マントのファイアくんと青マントの水くん though it would make the structure different from yours in English.
  • まさか!あなたはみわのうたうひとか?!
  • No I'm not a singer. かしゅではありません。
  • あ、そうですか。でも、あなたが女の人か。:)
  • P.S Please excuse my Japanese, I know I don't know that much. I was just trying to learn though by communicating and trying to use and familiarize the language. 米なさい。

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