help with quote translation
  • 何時の日にか忘却の大地に沢山の花を咲かせられると…

    I find a few other translations on the internet, but they was all different from each other.
    So, can someone help me?
    with the most accurate translation?

    PS: Its a song, from the japanese Rock Band Nightmare.
  • Let's take a look at how the Japanese sentence works
    何時の日にか "the day of some time" (=Someday,)
    忘却の大地に at the land of oblivion
    沢山の花を a great many flowers
    咲かせられると…(somebody, I/you??, depending upon context) can make flowers bloom
    そう信じてる (I) believe so.
    Of course, this is quite literal translation, a good translation should sound good in English as well : )
  • my translation would be....

    Someday flowers would bloom in the land of oblivion.
    Thats what I believe.

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