Help translating text in images from Japanese to English
  • I have a few images with Japanese text I need translating to English.
    If anyone could help that would be great!

    photo EP1SIGN1_zpsc00ac606.png

    photo EP1SIGN2_zpse78bc933.png

    photo EP1SIGN3_zps2a6b48fe.png

    photo EP1SIGN4_zpsbea78ebe.png
  • Slide 1:
    完全無欠の主人公 金時
    The main character Mr. Perfect, Kinji

    欠点だらけの男 銀時
    The man full of flaws, Ginji
  • Thanks for the help miwa!
    If anyone can help with the other images that would be great!
  • Slide 2:
    To force Kinji from power

    What are the strategy that Tama came up with?!
  • Slide 3:
    Thank you for waiting. It's been half a year.

    Everyone's Kin-san is coming back!!

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