Red Driver: An elaborate Japanese pun or just random nonsense?
  • Hello, everybody. I'm in the process of translating a Japanese indie RPG, and i've come across something confusing.
    Namely, one of the enemies you encounter are these horned red fishes. The monster's name is spelled in Japanese as "レッドドライバー (reddodoraiba-)". The only possible way i've been able to interpret the katakana is as "Red Driver", which only makes half sense, as the fish is indeed red, but is not driving a vehicle.
    Can anybody else make sense of this? Is this some kind of elaborate untranslatable pun, or should i just take the name at face value?
  • Fwiw, if you do an image search for レッドドライバー, you mainly get lots of pictures of golf clubs. It could also be some kind of play on words with screwdriver.

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