• Hey everyone,

    I need to create a poster with the word "impermanence" (not lasting forever) on it in japanese. How would I write this? I've seen a few different ways, not sure which is correct.

  • How about 有為 or 有為転変, from the famous poem?
    Of course, there is not the correct translation, and this is a more abstract term, so it all depends on the author's intention and the context. Also, sometime another language may give the author a better way of expressing his intention, in which case it could be a rather free "translation".
  • "Impermanence" in the Buddhism literature is usually translated to 無常, so this is the word came to me first.
  • I think about this too 無常.
  • I would also use 無常. Actually, I was looking for the same kanji, although the word i looked up was "evanescence". I wanted to get it as a tattoo :) that one or 飛花落葉

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