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  • 純血♥ブラッディLOVE
    Pure blood[ed]♥Bloody LOVE
    [This is probably supposed to mean something...]

    As Zero's memory is shaken, the race of the pure-blooded will...!

    Hino Matsuri
    Vampire Knight
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    グランドフィナーレ 全画

    Vampire Knight
    Grand Finale Plan

    Only 4 more chapters until the end of Vampire Knight! Let`s celebrate the ending of that tale together!! You can participate in one of two categories. We are looking forward to hear from you!!

    キャラ別名場面部門 お気に入りキャラの「この場面が良かった!!」を教えてください。
    Category: A character's famous scene
    "That scene was great!" Tell us which scene made you think that.

    玖蘭枢 Kuran Kaname
    玖蘭(黒主)優姫 Kuran (Kurosu) Yuuhi
    錐生零 Kiryuu Zero

    Tells us about a famous scene of one of these 10 characters. But of course, if you feel like "He's not here, but I really want to vote for him!", feel free to write us as well.

    夜間部 - Night Club
    藍堂英 Aidou Hanabusa
    架院暁 Kain Akatsuki
    一条拓麻 Ichijou Takuma
    支葵千里 Shiki Senri
    早園瑠佳 Souen Ruka
    遠矢莉磨 Tooya Rima
    ハンター協会 Hunter's Organization
    黒主灰閻 Kurosu Kaien

    ⑧ ⑦を選んだ理由

    ~How to participate~
    If you would like to vote for a famous scenen, please send us a postcard or sealed letter with the following information.
    ① postal code, address
    ② name (we might publish your name, so you may want to use a pseudonym)
    ③ telephone number
    ④ age
    ⑤ school year or occupation
    ⑥ a message to Matsuri Hino
    ⑦ The character you wish to vote for. Please make it clear which scene of which character you liked.
    Eg: HC, 12th vol, p.90. Kaname's scene, where he gets really angry and makes Yuuhi and Aidou do a Seiza.
    ⑧ Why you chose 7.

    We present an "original Tosho card with a color door illustration of the final episode" to 100 persons randomly chosen or those whose letters we published in the magazine.

    [Tosho Card: pre-paid card for purchasing books, don't ask me what a "door illustration" (最終話の扉イラストを使用した図書カード) is...]

    Please participate.
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