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  • What does butchikire(ぶっちきれ) mean?
    And could someone help me with this sentance?
    kari wo nigitta sono ude de
    かり を にぎった その うで で
  • Already translated
  • I believe its buchikire not butchikire, as there is no character in japanese that will support this two consecutive letters "tchi'.. Anyways, the meaning of ブチキレ (buchikire) is livid, or becoming extremely angry.. Next, is かり を にぎった その うで で, are you sure its kari not kare? because if it is kare I believe the translation is "The guy grasp the bracelet.." kare = guy, nigitta = past form of grasp(nigi), and sono ude = that bracelet) and de = I believe it can be used as counter for things and places.. I hope this helps..
  • Was I correct with my translations based on those that answered you as well? Please say so, Thanks!
  • oh, yes. thank you very much Sorry I took so long to answer, busy translating other super sentai songs(the easy ones that I can do anyway) and putting them in forums and stuff

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