Gekishin RX
  • I need some help in translating these words and phrases:

    Kaze yo soko doke iwa yo Kudake Yo!
    カぜ よ そこ どけ いわ よ クだけ ヨ!

    tennouzan:Ima koso shoubo no tennouzan
    てんのうざん:イま こそ しょうぼ の てんのうざん


    Mono-ra:Kono yo wo kegasu mono-ra owaru toki
    モのーら: コの よ を けがす ものーら おわる とき

    Thank you very much
  • 風よ、そこどけ、岩よ、砕けよ!
    = Move out of the way, wind! Rocks, crash!

    = Tennouzan, now is the time for a battle, Tennouzan
  • thanks for your help, i've managed to translate the entire song
  • Sorry I couldn't help you more, but I'm glad to hear that you've translated the whole thing:)
  • it's alright, thanks for our help

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