Bueatiful and Rescue Dream words and phrases
  • Here's a couple of words that I can't find the translation to and thier phrases in which they appear in:

    Hajkiresou- Hajkiresou na Chiisa na mune
    O-kimari- Okimari no smile subete wo kakusu
    Nomikomare-Osoikakara kurayami ni nomikomare
    Kakaeteta- Furuete hiza wa kakaeteta

    If any one could give me an idea of what the words mean I would really appreciatet it
    Thank you

  • Hi, this is my try;
    hajkiresou - I think it's a typo for hajikiresou - about to burst
    okimari no - unchanging, typical, same old
    nomikomare(ru) - swallowed up
    kakaeteta (=kakaete ita) - holding ( was holding one's knees, quaking with fear)
  • Hajkiresou >> hachikiresou or hajikesou

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