Dekamaster never stop phrases
  • I've already translated this song but I need a little help. there are a few phrases that stump me, thank you for your help

    *Hito-suzuku no kibou sae mo*
    *ひと-すずく の きぼう さえ も*
    *Warai-nagara ubau mono yo Hikyou na wana haru ga ii sa*
    *わらい-ながら うばう もの よ ひきょう な わな はる が いい さ*
    *Ikari no kiba kirameitara mou kuite mo osoi ze*
    *いかり の きば きらめいたら もう くいて も おそい ぜ*

  • - use the original text in kana and kanji, and you can look up many words in a dictionary.
    - you can often the lyrics with a simple google search
    - you've misspelled many words, it's no wonder you can't find translations for them

    Ideayo should be ideyo, which is 出でよ, the imperative of 出でる ("Come forth, legend")

    It's tobinore, not tabinore, which is the imperative of 飛び乗る, which is simply a compound of two verbs 飛ぶ+乗る

    fukitobose should be fukitobase, which is the imperative of 吹き飛ばす, a compound from 吹く+飛ばす, 飛ばす is also derived from 飛ぶ.

    Furiorose > 振り下ろす

    Juuou mijin kakemekuri nigasanai > 縦横無尽駆けめぐり逃がさない!

    And here are the lyrics, which was literally the very first result on google...
  • thank you for the help and the advice
  • Already translated

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