How to say - "Let's Join..."
  • I'd like to translate into Japanese - Let's join 1 million players!
    If I say "100万人のプレーヤーに加わりましょう!", will it be right?

    Please help me!
  • It's not wrong, but sounds weird.
  • So, PLEASE help me to improve this sentence! ^_^
  • What do you mean by "join"? Like "invite" into a game or join into one particular group?
  • Yea, more context would help. Can you tell us more about it so that we can help you?
  • I want to post this sentence as call-to-action on my web-page.
    Just one sentence on the top of my page =)
  • I think 合おう would fit here
  • Join to play games? Join to participate in some community? Depending on what your web site is about, I would say something like "100万人のユーザーと一緒にxxxしましょう!" and fill in the "xxx" part with that action.

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