Knock Nekkyou no live phrases
  • a couple of phrases that I'm having trouble with:
    thought it would be more helpful to include that the phrases that are included so that there is a better understanding

    Yaritai koto yarenai yo na ikikata nante
    koppa mijin ni Shichau ze

    Kikasete kure senshi tachi no uta
    Otonashiiku shite rarenai

    Atsuku moere haato ga damatcha
    yuku zo ima koso
    Dekkai yume Tsukamitereru chansu

    thank you very much
  • Do you wanna tell us which phrases you understand and which ones you are having trouble with exactly?
  • Um.... okay.

    I understand that
    Yaritai koto yarenai yo na ikikata nata
    is talking about what direction what you are facing or heading toward

    yuku zo ima koso
    means: Go Now

    Kikasete kure senshi tachi no uta
    is talking about:
    The soldiers singing thier song

    Atsuku moere haato ga damatcha
    talks about burning hearts

    I'm new at this and i'm trying my best

    There are some words and phrases that i can't seem to put together or can't find the definition of like:
    koppa mijin ni Shichau ze
    Otonashiiku shite rarenai

    if you could give me a hand, in finding out what these words mean, i could string them together myself, thanks very much

  • Here's a few pointers:
    "Yaritai koto yarenai you na ikikata"
    "A way (of life) of not being able to do what you want"
    nante is like... "saying such a thing", often used similarly to the english "how can you say such a thing?".

    "yuku zo ima koso"
    "Now is the time to go"

    "kikasete kure senshitachi no uta"
    "Please let me hear the song of the soldiers"

    I would recommend not learning from manga/anime too early, the level is usually very unstable making it difficult for beginners, and often contains slang, such as the "-chau" you seem to have issues with. -chau is short for -te shimau, for example koppa mijin ni shichau is actually koppa mijin ni shite shimau. The phrase probably means something like "I will make you into splintered particles". The -te shimau form just adds extra feeling to the phrase, it can mean quite a few different things, such as finality and involentaryness. In this case, it might add a feeling like "I will COMPLETELY make you into splintered particles".

    Dekkai means "huge".
    Otonashiku shiterarenai means "I can't act calm/I can't stay calm/composed".
    Tsukamitereru means "to be able to grab"
    "Dekkai yume Tsukamitereru chansu"
    "A chance to be able to grab a huge dream"

    I'm really not sure about damacha, it's probably slang again, damaru means "to be silent" and the -cha is probably the short form of damacha ikenai (damaranakereba ikenai) which means "have to be silent". So the phrase "Atsuku moeru haato ga damatcha" would means "Warm burning hearts need to be silent".
  • Thank you so much, I'm already working on translating the rest of the song.
  • Damatcha/damaccha だまっちゃ is a colloquial form of "damatteha" だまっては, and usually followed by a negative potential/verb. だまっちゃいけない = Shouldn't be silenced. だまっちゃいられない = I can't stay silent.
  • koppamijin = 木っ端微塵/木っ端みじん = pieces/bits/fragments, to smithereens
  • thanks for your help, now it makes sense

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