Going back to self-teaching. Where should I go?
  • A few years ago I started learning japanese by myself, I came a couple of times to this forum to ask for advice, but after wandering around I got tired because I was confused about where should I start and what direction should I take to have a better comprehension of the language. So, I got into a japanese course around my town, the most basic level. I learnt a lot, and even now I find myself reading my practice book again.

    But unfortunately, I had to leave it before I could move on to the next level of the course. I won't talk much about the matter, but I was diagnosed with an inconvenient learning disability, and could no longer continue because they couldn't support me in that aspect.

    I wish to continue to learn japanese despite all this, but I have no option but do it at my own pace. What are the best materials for self-taught people like me? I have a basic foundation, some of the subjects on my practice book are verb conjugation, a list of common kanji, basic particles, numbers, hours, past-tense, etc. I would appreciate any help, thanks!
  • I can't tailor my response to your specific disability if you don't want to share more, but there are quite a lot of "Teach Yourself" Japanese products around.

    I found the "Japanese For Busy People" series pretty solid as a foundation, I went with the kana/kanji version (as opposed to the romaji-only version). Each lesson tends to cover different aspects of normal life, shopping, family, etc. The "for busy people" refers to the core lessons being doable on your own in about an hour a day or less.

    There are supplemental workbooks, and also CDs with audio for pretty much all of the reading lessons, though the CDs can get a bit pricey compared to the books alone. You should be able to find the books used online pretty easily.

    Text book preference of course varies by person. I believe a lot of peopled liked the "Genki" series.

    I tried Rosetta Stone for Japanese, I really didn't care for it.
  • Thanks, I'll try those!
  • I agree on Japanese for Busy People. Maybe after you finish the book, you can get something with a lot more lessons like Minna no Nihongo. It has audio CDs too, plus answer keys so you can always self check your work. Good luck!
  • @Kouk - Where have you get this Japanese for Busy People book? Is it cheap? I might consider buying it so please give me infos about it. お願いします!

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