Into danger kakuranger phrases
  • can someone translate these phrases for me? I know what they mean, but I just can seem to make them comprehenable?

    Sora ni uzumaku jigoku no tsukai
    *Are kara dore dake abaita ka
    *Yatsu-ra no wana wo
    *Make wa shinai sa Butsukaru dake sa

    *Kono me ga mimi ga hada ga
    Kasuka ni oora kanjita ze
    Yami ni hisonda dare ka no
    Emono wo nerau ikizukai
    Damasarenai ze Yurusanai ze
    Ore-tachi no chikara omoishire

    Thank you very much!!!
  • Just going off what you've put here, not really knowing the source material:

    Swirling in the sky, the servants of hell
    How much will rain from there?
    It's one of their traps!
    We won't lose. We'll just collide.

    These eyes, ears, skin --
    (I/We) felt a faint aura
    Shrouded in the darkness, someone's
    targeted prey ikizukai (way of life? life of scheming?)
    (I/We) won't be fooled. (I/We) won't forgive.
    We'll give you a taste of our power! (lit. we'll make you understand our strength)

    Not sure if the Kakurangers are the ones shrouded in darkness or if it's their enemies shrouded in darkness.
  • Thank you so very much! I've been trying to get this song translated for some time now. Thank you once again.

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