Please Translate this into English
  • I asked about someone's pet who had been in bad health, and they gave me this answer:









    Thanks in advance
  • Quick translation, not the best English, but the meaning should be correct:

    After that, because of old age, its muscles weren't even strong enough to support its body weight, it fell and broke its leg. As it showed no signs of pain, we lived with the pet for some time without noticing it.

    But, after seeing it tumble again and again every few seconds, we become suspicious.

    When we showed it to a doctor a little while later, he said that although the leg was broken, because of its old age, a treatment were not recommended.

    1 month after it had lost one leg, the other leg was also too weak to support its body, it fell and toppled over several times, flailing its legs helplessly in the air. Not being able to get back up, it gave up and breathed heavily. Poor thing...

    When you see it fall, of course you want to help it get up to its feet again. So, my husband slept in the same room as the pet, and, often waking up during the night, complained how he couldn't get any sleep.

    Sorry for the long letter.

    How animals do not grieve over their old age and bodies, they accept it and try to live as they always did until the very end... If I think about it, it is kind of an admirable attitude.
  • Thank you so much blutorange. That is such a sad story, i really appreciate you taking the time out to translate it for me. If by any chance i wondered if you could help me translate a reply saying:

    I'm so sorry to hear what your pet is going through, but it is lucky to have such loving owners like you guys. It is indeed a very brave animal, which is so amazing to hear. I send you all of my best wishes.
    All the best

    Thanks again for translating their response

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