is 霊司 a good name for a boy?
  • Hello Guys.

    Something I like about Oriental Culture names is that have deep meanings... Somehow for my first newborn it comes to my mind the name "Reiji"... researching good chinesse characters, I ended choosing "霊司" (spirit, govern) : or in other terms : the one that can govern its own spirit, resembling someone of mature character.

    Is it a good name? should I consider other ideograms?

  • On a note, I don't think "asian" names are somehow much "deeper" than our name. Due to kanji, their meaning is more readily seen, however.

    Consider Japanese names.

    top 10 most common names
    佐藤 a certain flower
    鈴木 bell tree
    田中 (rice field)
    小林 thickets, small wood
    中村 village
    山本 foot of the mountain
    吉田 good (rice) field
    山田 mountain (rice) field

    I don't see how they're particularly deep...

    English/Western names:
    Benjamin son of the south
    Blaire plain, field, battlefield
    Beverly beaver stream
    Sophie wisdom
    Jasmine climbing plant with fragrant flowers
    Jason to heal

    This doesn't sound any more or less deeper to me...

    Personally, and that's only my opinion, look up the meaning of our names on a site such as and give your child a name that won't make him/her stand out.

    There's not much of a difference in given names, either...

    female, 1912
    chiyo thousand years / long time
    haru spring
    hana flower
    masako good/righteous child
    fumiko child of letters
    yoshi (good??)
    chiyoko thousand year child
    kiyo (clean?)

    female, 1994
    美咲 beautiful blooming
    愛 love

    愛美 love+beautuful
    遥 far away
    舞 danc(ing)
    桃子 peach child

    male, 1912
    清 clean
    正雄 "righteous male"
    正 right(eous), true, correct
    茂 grow thickly
    三郎 third born
    正夫 real man
    一朗 first born

    male, 1994
    健太 healthy child

    翼 wings
    大輝 large/great/big + shining/twinkling/sparkling

    (src: hadamitzky kanji dic)

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