How to say...
  • "I'm so happy to be your friend." ??
  • Tomodachi ni nattekurete/ta, arigatougozaimasu. ureshii desu.

    友達 に なってくれて/た、 ありがとうございます。 うれしいです。
    Lit: For giving me your friendship, thank you. I am happy.

    Not 100% whether you'd want to use the present tense or past tense of becoming. May depend on how long you've been friends and the sentiment you want to express.
  • 友達だからうれしいです。
  • Assuming that you mean you're glad that you've become friends and had the opportunity to meet her, I would say something like "友達になってよかったですね!” or ”私たち会えてよかったですね!”

    I think "友達になってくれて有り難う御座います” sounds kind of like lines off anime when a character makes a friend for the time in his/her life and is near tears all grateful but... Lol, either way, all of the above translations will get the message across.

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