Japanese Online Forum Games?
  • Hi. I'm looking to find out about Japanese language "Play by Post" games -- Internet games people play over a medium like a message board (掲示板 keijiban) or sometimes email services, typically for things like RPGs and card games. However, while I know a bit about English Play-by-Post games, I don't know anything about Japanese Play-by-Post (PbP).

    For instance ... what is Play-by-Post called in Japanese? ^^;

    I have stumbled upon a few Japanese language sites with some definitions for various terms, but I would like to ask some of you what terms you may have *actually* encountered, or seen used -- or any sorts of observations in general. What are considered "good" web sites? Have you engaged in this sort of thing yourself in Japanese? Did you have friends in Japan that did, etc.

    I know it would be tough to get into a Japanese language game myself, being a foreigner without contacts in that area, but just reading some games online I think would be a good way to pass time and practice reading (I understand of course that excellent grammar will not be a *high* priority, being on the Interwebs and all).

    Somewhat related, does anybody actually *run* a Japanese language game or participate in any for purposes of practice? Or MMO games that do not block IPs? Not proposing running them on this forum but would there be interest in that sort of thing? Thanks.
  • I don't know about play by post games but there are plenty of game sites (mostly, browser games) that you can sign up to. e.g. there's some stuff like on bg-time.jp/ that I used to play. These days I play some time wasters over on yahoo. Some things are more text-heavy than others. There is usually some internal messaging function even if the game isn't text-heavy - there are game forums, wikis, etc, for just about anything which you can find.

    人狼BBS might be something you could look at.
  • Wow, that is extremely ... niche ^^.

    Nice to see both countries share the game "Werewolf" in common. I will spend a little time on there, thanks.
  • :) It was the only thing I could think of that was text based.
    I found the term プレイバイウェブ which seems similar.
  • Thanks, I'll look that up too! ^^

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