• Hello,i am a beginner. I just started to learn Japanese. I am struggling now. I don't know where to start. I don't have a teacher teach me. I kind of lost. Can somebody help me,please? Onegaishimasu! (^_^)

    Jescycca. :)
  • Hi, you can start by studying simple sentences in under the 'Sentences' section. denshi gives links for each word, by clicking which you get its meaning ...

    I learned a lot this way. I have much more but the JLPT is coming up on this Sunday ... but I'll definitely give you some good stuff later.
  • Don't use the sentences on, the source is very questionable. is a good blog to read if your plan is to learn japanese by self-studies, it's a guy who learned "fluent" Japanese in just 18 months without taking a single class. Not something to aim for, but a lot of good advice and motivation.

    I recommend buying a good basic book. Minna no nihongo, genki, all about the particles... Of course, learn hiragana and katakana first, you can learn it pretty much anywhere online. When you know the basic grammar, just start reading Japanese online. Use dictionaries etc to translate it and learn from the exposure.
    I'd say this site is a really good start for beginners of Japanese, I have been using it myself.
  • I really like the Japanese From Zero book series. I'm just coming to the end of book 3 which is followed by another two courses online. I'm not too sure what I'll do after that though...

    Tobberoth - I'm curious as to what you would include in "basic grammar"?
  • I mentioned instead of Sorry for that and since Tobberoth has reservations about the source of Jisho's sentences .. I would avoid that too from now on.

    From Tobberoth's previous comments, I am sure that he knows what he is talking about.

    I found the site mentioned by MorIthron to be very helpful. Thank you.
  • Posted By: mcdreamer
    [p]Tobberoth - I'm curious as to what you would include in "basic grammar"?[/p]

    More or less everything :D My personal definition of basic grammar is "all the grammar you need to know to pass JLPT3", that is, all the grammar you learn from BOTH books of Minna no Nihongo. That goes all the way from knowing all common verb conjugations to knowing proper kenjougo and sonkeigo. Of course by knowing kenjougo and sonkeigo, I mean understand it, not being able to produce it.

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