how do you pronounce this name?
  • 相良操麻

    If anyone has tips or a useful sight for finding hiragana for kanji names, please tell me! I used to use the rikaichan name dictionary, but it doesn't work on chrome. :(
  • There is never a 100% way of knowing, particularly with given names. This is why pretty much every form that asks for someone's name also asks for the kana version.

    Some surnames also have more than one common way of reading them.
    It is normal to ask the person - or check wikipedia if they're famous. In fiction, normally furigana will be given when a character is introduced.
  • This very website here allows you to search the names dictionary rikaichan uses (JMnedict)

    ( no entry for 操麻)

    The protagonist of this novel is called 相良操麻, and there 操麻 is pronounced souma:

    「そーま? 聞こえてるー?」

  • If you're reading a book or manga, or playing a game, then the writer will often tell you the pronunciation. It's true they may only say it once, but it's worth getting into the habit of looking around for the pronunciation when the character is first mentioned (and writing it down if it's going to bug you).

    If the writer doesn't tell you the pronunciation you can assume that it is straightforward. This is most likely to happen with surnames, which are more regular. For example this surname "相良" is probably pronounced "sagara". If the writer hasn't told you any different you can assume it's "sagara".

    You can look on Japanese Wikipedia and find out this kind of information without getting bogged down, or if you prefer English Wikipedia you can get a good idea of what the standard pronunciation is there too.相良相良&title=Special:Search
  • haha, blutorange, that was the novel I was reading, thanks.
  • How did you find out it was Souma if the other websites had no results? intuition?
  • I did not know of this novel before amazing what a simple google querry can get you. Anyways, it would be nice had the author given furigana for his name. He did not, but take a close look at the excerpt of said novel I quoted in my post above.

    When he is first phone by his cousin Maki, the first thing she says is: ”そーま?聞こえてるー?”, which fixes the intended reading of 操麻 as そうま. Oh, and the novel got me interested, so now I am reading it as well.
  • ah, なるほど

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