translations of phrases
  • Could someone please translate these phrases for me?

    *Tatakai no michishirube kizamikome

    *Kanjiru subete wo yubisaki ni komete

    *Yuuhi wo kirisaki batoru hateshinakute mo
    *Koitsu kamaereba kirinukerareru
    *Nerai hazusanai shi hazusenai

    thanks for the help

  • Something along the lines of

    Carve the sign-posts of battle.
    Put/gather everything that you feel in (the tips of) your fingers.
    Even if the battle that rips the evening sun to pieces doesn't end,
    If (I) can get ready, I can fight it out.
    (I) won't miss the target, (I) can't miss.
  • Shinnosukeさん、If you don't mind a follow up question. What is the difference between hazusAnai and hazusEnai? I know there is some sort of a grammar behind those letters, was it? If there is, can you please teach me how is it use? お願いします!
  • hazusAnai 外さない = hazusu+nai(無い,not) = negation of hazusu = not miss
    hazusEnai 外せない = hazusu+eru(得る,be able to)+nai(無い,not)= can not miss
    hazusEru is the potential ("being able to") of hazusu.

    nai is added to the mizenkei (未然形,imperfect) form of verbs, eru is added to the ren'youkei (連用形,continuative) form of verbs. See here for details:
  • ooohhh! I see, ありがとうございます!This helps me a lot, I will quote this one for further use.

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