Written vs. computer kanji differences
  • I encounter this problem from time to time and thought I would ask for clarification.

    For example, I was studying a new character 葛. When I look at the character in the computer form it is different from the written form. In this case would it be better to follow the writing instructions or should I just make my written character look like the computer form?
  • Can you check which font you're using? Sometimes people have an issue with computers (particularly for Chrome or if on an Android device) defaulting to Chinese fonts for kanji.

    For me, at least on jisho.org, there's not any difference between the computer font for 葛 and the stroke order diagram. But there is a Chinese variant of this character.

    The Japanese one looks like the one on this packaging:

    Chinese one looks something like the one on this packaging:

    Generally speaking, it's a good idea to be aware of multiple forms - learn to write the handwritten version but recognize the other version as well. 冷 is an example of one that has different handwritten/typed forms in Japanese.
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