Help with a tattoo translation
  • hello people,

    I need a help to translate this tattoo.
    If any1 know what it mean :-)

    Thanks !
  • I believe it is Chinese character.
  • It's an extremely rare character used only for a short period of time towards the end of the Xia Dynasty by a group of monks who spoke a dialect of ancient pu-xian min Chinese. The character was not known before 2005 when British archaeologists found it in old legal documents buried under a temple site. That being the case, the character is so rare that not even the most comprehensive dictionaries mention it, but its meaning has been deduced to "sodomist".
  • sodomist ? lol
  • @bajskorv Do you have any sources for that?
  • I don't think so,
    1) the character looks only superficially similar, eg the part on the left-hand side seems to be 犬, not 手; and the part at the bottom middle is not there
    2) it's a variant of 抜, which is a very well known character in Japanese (and probably Chinese as well)
    3) its meaning is certainly not "sodomist"

    What bajskorv said is, I think, not something you could figure out with a simple google query, which made me somewhat curious that we've got ourselves an expert in this little forum. At any rate, a source would be appreciated, I'd like to read more about it.
  • bajskorv was just joking.
  • thanks guys... i actually really liked the tattoo and wanted to make a similar, but would like to know the meaning before
  • Either try, there are native Japanese speakers, or go look for a Chinese forum, as this might be a character that is common/used only in Chinese (I don't know of any, try google). And you're doing it right, don't get the tatoo until you know what it means : )
  • @brunohshs
    I don't think that's a real kanji. It's prolly a made-up-kanji-like drawing. I'd recommend not to get a tatoo like that because it just looks weird when people who know kanji/Chinese characters see it.

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