Chang'e, chinese deity
  • I know that in Japan there was a moon god rather than a moon goddess but this Chinese moon goddess must have had an equivalent of her name in Japanese too... Didn't her? I guess she did, and wanted to know how her name is transliterated from the Japanese characters used for it to romanji... Her chinese characters are 嫦娥 or 姮娥 but neither helped me enough to find a transliteration for a Japanese equivalent... Could some help me with an answer please?
  • Twice the thanks for half the solution, I'm a zero with the Japanese alphabet... That's why I failed to find an answer by trying the japanese wikipedia (googling it with the characters in the search)... I guess I could check every character in that page one by one but... Which correspond to the deity's name? I guess you could answer that to me... So I could get it in romaji... :$ If it aint too much to ask... :$ (But thanks a lot, really, I thought no one would answer)...
  • According to Japanese Wikipedia 嫦娥 is じょうが (or Joga). 姮娥 is こうが (Koga). If you want to find the key characters again they're usually in brackets after the keywords.
    Those are long 'o's in Joga and Koga by the way. Some people might prefer to use macrons above the 'o' to indicate length, but I find them distracting.
  • The problem with macrons is that you are never certain if it is an おお or おう combination.

    Hence I tend to prefer (and it might not be aesthetically pleasing in Latin): oosaka and toukyou.
  • I take your point some ways, but I figure anyone who's going to bother about learning to pronounce Japanese correctly (given pronunciation isn't immediately obvious from romaji) will learn hiragana pretty quickly. Also, looking at English and its shaky connection between spelling and pronunciation I don't think a little ambiguity is such a big deal.
    But I accept it's down to personal taste.
  • Mmm I see... So this is... Kouga or Jouga... Mmm... Ok... Well, I speak English and Spanish so I've got a third-perspective of English-Japanese itneraction but know li'l to nothing in Japanese... Most thanks to this page and other similar sources... I just like many things of the far east but, speaking 'bout far, I'm far from being a source of knowledge on it... I'm more like a tick at this... Well, thanks for your answers and sorry for the delayed thanks giving...

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