The meaning of this sentence
  • anyone knows what is the correct translation of this ? : 運命の赤い糸とは白き糸を自分で染めているだけに過ぎない。
    I know the words and I can read the kanji but I don't know what the correct meaning is.

    unmei no akai ito wa shiroki ito wo jibun de somete iru dake ni suginai.

    thanks for helping this noob. xD
  • The key to this sentence, the metaphor:

    The red string of fate is nothing more than a white [=>unstained =>empty] string dyed by yourself.

    Ie, along the lines of
    (= Your fate is yours to choose.)

    And interestingly, the author used 白き糸, and 赤い糸, instead of 赤き糸...
  • Thanks you very much for answer me !

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