Please help me translate these images
  • I recently bought these two vases and have been unable to find anyone that will type out the Kanji for me from the image to the computer. I would also like the makers names if you have the time to help me out. I appreciate any help very much.

    - Jill
  • First one is, I think, 日山

    But I cannot recognize the first character in the second picture. I suppose I am wrong, but it seems to be that it is 力山
  • Yeah, I was also leaning towards the last characters of each being "yama". The first characters I don't recognize at all. If anyone can shed some light on the first ones, I'd be grateful. Thanks for quick response MaestroS.
  • No one else has an opinion on this?
  • Well, this kind of stylised writing is difficult to read - if there were more kanji there would be more clues. The second one might be 大山. I wouldn't mind having a bit more of a close-up for the first one, though it still might not help. Sorry, can't do any better than that.
  • I will upload a new picture of the first vase in a couple of hours. I appreciate all the assistance you guys have given to me.
  • 亦山 in the second picture. I'm of no help with the 1st though.

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