i suppose there are differences? Can someone explain?
  • The sentences are:
    1a 私は日本語の勉強をしました
    1b 私は日本語を勉強しました

    2a たけしさんは部屋の掃除をしました
    2b たけしさんは部屋を掃除しました

    i suppose 1a means you did the study of japanese, the implication is you took a Japanese major or something so something along the line of "I studied Japanese (major)". But, im not so sure.

    to draw parallel in english language would be "to do preparations" and "to prepare". While both mean the same thing, but there are slight differences right? whether its about different nuances or usage/point that you want to get across.

    for the 2nd set of sentences, i just cant seem to differentiate.

    or, the whole thing just dont have any differences and its just a matter of way of speaking.

    so.. can someone explain?

  • They are the same. It's because you can never have more than one を for a given verb. There might be some nuance here, but it's 0.5% of the meaning in the sentence.

    In cases where you're using a する verb, the を is built in. You don't have to use it:
    勉強をする = 勉強する

    But when you are specifying the object of the する verb, you must reserve the を for that object.
    日本語を勉強する 〇
    日本語の勉強をする 〇
    日本語を勉強をする X
  • well, what im wondering about are the diferences and the nuance between the 2 sentences; since i've already made a thread regarding the "を" part way back then. You were even the one who answered it on that thread :D

    anyway, since you said its like .5% of the meaning, the general meaning is the same and i can just use either one then huh?
  • I would assume the nuance, if any, is not important enough to worry about it. (If anyone here does know better, please correct!)

    To investigate further, I would suggest trying the LearnJapanese subreddit: www.reddit.com/r/learnjapanese

    The thread will draw the usual crowd of people who have no idea what they're talking about, but will also probably get you some really good answers in English. :)

    Or, I've seen super detailed answers (in Japanese,) on http://chiebukuro.yahoo.co.jp/

    Good luck!
  • thanks for the answer and for the links, they are good source of information and for reading on various stuff, especially the japanese link!

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