Japanese Childrens Books alongside with Genki
  • Is there a good childrens book someone would reccomend with reading alongside with studying Genki, as i find attempting to read japanese words through a story is a stronger way of remembering vocabulary. Can anyone reccomend a good book? Thanks
  • Children's books (as in books for primary school children) are generally not a good idea for beginners. Although the concepts are simple, that doesn't mean the grammar and vocab is aimed at a second language learner. They often contain a lot of casual grammar and onomatopoeia which trip people up. Sentences which are all in kana can be difficult to parse, too.

    http://www.nikonikoehon.net/ is a cute site if you want to have a go. Here is an example of the sort of text you can expect:
    ケーキが だいすきなマッチンくん。
    ママにないしょで ケーキをたべちゃった!

    There are graded readers around aimed at people learning Japanese, or you could look at non-fiction materials in an area you're interested in. Things which are heavily illustrated (photoblogs and similar), or have a logical flow (e.g. recipes/instructions) are good.

    Or perhaps try something like https://www.erin.ne.jp/en/ as a supplement to Genki.
  • like jenlit said, children's book are bad, i just cant parse them. I actually understand things better when they have the kanji (mind you im still a beginner too and dont really have a lot of kanji knowledge).

    probably i'd recommend this one (i bought this book about a year ago i think) http://www.amazon.com/Read-Real-Japanese-Essays-Contemporary/dp/4770030576

    Edit: and this http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/index.html
    that nhk news is probably written in easy japanese, and it has audio and furigana.
    to get the furigana shown, you may or may not need an extra plugin for your browser

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