Can you recomend a good japanese english electronic dictionary?
  • Hi,

    I've been looking for a japanese english electronic dictionary and it's been quite hard to compare technical details online.
    I haven't seen any in shop, only online, and even in some manufacturers own sites the lack of information is surprising.

    Can you recommend any manufacturer, model or specifications for a good denshi jisho?

  • Most electronic dictionaries are made for the Japanese market so it's difficult to find information online. I've got a Sharp PW-M800 which I still use sometimes if I'm not near a computer - faster than using a phone I think. I bought it in Akihabara in 2008. Before that I used to like the Canon Ex-Word series.

  • How about Casio Wordtank G50? I've used it from basic to advanced Japanese level studies :) Casio and Canon Ex-Word dictionaries are really great, many of these are geared towards English speaking Japanese learners. Some models are for Japanese speakers or even Chinese so you need to look at which dictionaries are included in your model.

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