what are these kanjis?
  • Stop creating a new thread for every single kanji!

    If this nonsense keeps up, you'll upload the entire manga to the Jisho forums, little by little, a kanji per thread.

    From now on, put all of your questions in THIS thread, but please stop making new ones!
  • I hope no one helps you unless you stop creating threads for every single scan. Learn to use jisho and find these characters yourself or just adjust to the rules on this forum and don't spam it!
  • Sorry for the posts, but I'm not uploading the entire manga in the forum. I'm uploading only the texts that I don't find translation in the english scan. The kanjis that I upload on the forum are the kanjis I can't find on the jisho by myself.
  • well then create just one thread for it.
    maybe name it something along the line "AnaClara's unknown kanjis" :P

    and to help you identify kanjis abit, there's a feature on jisho "kanji by radicals", use that to browse for the kanji you are looking for. You do know what radicals are right?

    another way would be to install japanese language input in windows. There's the IME pad that can somewhat recognize handwritting, draw it using your mouse on it and see if it gives the one you are looking for.

    if all else fails then ask here, but like i said, and couple others have, dont spam and ask it in one thread.

    hope that helps :P
  • Kannon, I asked an adm to delete the posts about kanjis that I made.
    I know how to use "kanji by radicals".
    Thanks for the hint about IME but my Windows isn't original.
  • I'll let the other threads be. But please keep further questions you have about help with identifying your scans to this thread.
  • What it means?
    バカじゃねーの? とか思ってんのに
  • (though) I am wondering if he's stupid

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