Takusan, ooi, oku, diff? 「たくさん、多い、多く」
  • こんにちは、みんなさん。

    I'm writing a little presentation here, though its really simple. Can anyone explain to me de difference on these expressions, takusan, ooi, oku 「たくさん、多い、多く」 ? I'd like to know wich is most used or more simple and that.

    Sentence is as follows:
    日本の民話「みんわ」に 「たくさん・多くの・多い」 怖い話があります。

  • この場所にたくさん人がいます。 There are lots of people here.
    この場所に人が多いです。There are many people here.

    In this regard, [たくさん + noun] and [noun + particle + 多い], these are the most common patterns for placing these adjectives.

    多く works as an adverb.

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