Hi, please could you help me a little in my Manga?
  • I made a manga of 31 pages, a one-shot manga that I want to submit for Japanese weekly jump magazine's monthly prize. http://shonenjump.com/e/manga-shou/index.html

    I think I'm capable to win for I did put a hard work and experience in my work. they do actually accept foreign work but the dialog must be in Japanese language.https://twitter.com/sasaki_hisashi/status/179430018613657600

    anyone can copy the Japanese kanji and hiragana and katakana and add the romaji, I can do it. but it is useless unless what you want to write in the dialog balloons is translated directly from the English language to the Japanese so it fits and the scene is understood.

    I searched alot for help but I got nothing

    this really disappointing my work is all ready but only the japanesee sentences to be written in pencil.

    I figured that you could help me to find where I can get my 2 pages script for my manga translated to the japanese language so I can copy it in the dialog balloons and submit my manga.
  • For 31 pages, and given that you want it to not be just any old translation but a good translation, I suggest you consider hiring someone.

    You need a native Japanese speaker who also can write interesting dialogue and make it fit the space you have available. And you might find that some of what you wrote can't be literally translated and needs to be rewritten to make it work in Japanese.
  • True, and thank for you advice but could you please tell me where I can hire someone like that?
    I don't really want it to be the best Japanese translation of my writing ...I simply want it to be Japanese language that can be read and understood by Japanese. not like if I want to translate a book or a novel written by well known author, the manga I drew actually describe the story it is Manga after all, but I have to put the names and the questions and answers between the characters and the argument, love and fighting dialogues in Japanese language.
    again thank you for your help
  • Just publish your announcement on any site that allows publishing such. Be it two pages or 31, this is not actually a non-profit work and it DOES require good Japanese knowledge, therefore hiring someone is what you need. I bet you use the Internet, so let Google be your friend now.

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