Jisho Keyboard Problem
  • Hi everyone! Today i had a problem with my jisho: suddenly the keyboard was not responding. I mean, I tried to type each letter, but even the on/off key seemed to be broken. When this fact occurred the jisho was on, so I could try to use the 'pen' (I don't know how you call it), and I noticed that it worked instead. On both the main screen and the little one for writing kanji. Then, after I hadn't write anything with the pen for a while, the jisho switched off on its own, as it usually does when unused. Then I tried to push the 'reset' button and, joy of joys, everything went back to normal. Now the keyboard seems to be ok, but I don't want to face this kind of problem again in the future, so what do you suggest to me? By the way, have you ever had such a problem? Thanks and sorry for my english

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